What does iron do for your blood?

yes i have heard the jokes about eating chain because the doctor says you need more iron.

the easiest way to get more iron in your system is to eat dark green vegetables eg: salads with dark lettuces, broccoli, and few others.
or easiest of all, take multivitamins that have 100% of the iron you need.

But, what exactly does iron do for your body/blood?

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    4 Responses to “What does iron do for your blood?”

    1. Donut Tim says:

      It combines with oxygen in your lungs and carries it to each cell in your body where the oxygen is removed chemically. Iron oxide (rust) is what gives blood its characteristic red color. After the oxygen is removed and the blood is moving back toward the lungs it has lost its red color and is why your veins have a bluish hue.

    2. pzifisssh says:

      Actually, oxygen is carried by hemoglobin protein molecules in your red blood cells. Your body can not make hemoglobin without iron.

      I don’t know whether iron is used by your body in any other way. It doesn’t really matter because if your diet is deficient in iron, the lack of hemoglobin will be so serious as to mask any other problems that you might have.

    3. Big-M says:

      Blood contains specialized cells for carrying oxygen around the body and they’re called red blood cells. Within these red blood cells is a chemical compound called hemoglobin, and iron is the key element within that molecule that binds directly to the oxygen that we breathe in and allows it to be transported in large quantities within the blood cells.

      Iron is also found in muscle cells as part of another oxygen-carrying compound that is structurally similar to hemoglobin. This compound is called myoglobin and its function is to bind and store oxygen that gets delivered to the muscle cells. The oxygen remains tightly bound to myoglobin until it’s needed by the muscle cells, particularly when the muscles are undergoing vigorous exercise. Myoglobin is the compound responsible for giving some meats their red color.

      There are other molecules that have iron as a critical part of their molecular structure. Collectively, all these iron-containing compounds are called hemoproteins and there are several that play other roles besides transporting or storing oxygen molecules. However, most of the iron in the body ends up becoming a part of hemoglobin and myoglobin.

    4. how's this? says:

      Iron is essential for oxygen transport in mammals. That means getting oxygen from the outside, into all your body’s cells where the oxygen is used as energy for the cells’ functions.

      The iron is used inside a molecule called heme. This is attached to a protein called globin, to give another molecule called haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is packed into red blood cells, and this molecule is very good at picking up and dropping off oxygen as required.

      If you don’t have enough iron, you don’t get enough oxygen delivery. This makes you weak and tired easily.

      There is a poison that blocks haemoglobin and can kill you because of not enough oxygen delivery. This is carbon monoxide.

      Meat / blood is the best source of dietary iron.

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