How long do iron tablets stay in your system?

I’ve stopped taking them, as they’ve made me sick. But still, three days later I’m not well. Sore stomach, headaches, fatigue.

How long does iron usually take to leave the system once the person’s stopped taking the pills?

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One Response to “How long do iron tablets stay in your system?”

  1. Rx_Mich says:

    The headaches and fatigue are not normal symptoms of iron tablet usage at normal dosage. Excessive dosage causing iron toxicity could produce those symptoms but along with many others you are not mentioning. Upset stomach is a symptom but the 3 together could also be an indication of flu virus. You are not saying how long you took the iron tablets and the onset of symptoms you describe.

    As far as the excess unabsorbed iron in your intestinal tract… it remains as long as it takes to eat food and come out the other end… 12 hrs -36 hrs for the average person. As far as the iron tablets remaining specifically in your stomach, the answer is usually less than 2 hrs with a meal and 1 hour on an empty stomach.

    The symptoms you describe are also symptoms of low iron so hopefully your are on iron with the knowledge and guidance of a physician who can test to see if you really need it or how much to take based on those tests.

    If the proper diagnosis is you are iron deficient then when you do take the iron tablets, eat first to prevent the iron from resting directly on the stomach lining to lower stomach upset.

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