History help 5 questions?

1. the _____ was crucial to Britain’s Industrial Revolution (1 point)
a. bicycle
b. flying shuttle
c. water powered loom
d. steam engine

2. the social change brought about by the Industrial Revolution was evident in the (1 point)
a. emergence of the middle class and the working class
b. growing death rates, due to accidents on the highways
c. thick air pollution that choked British Isles
d. widespread famines caused by families abandoning their farms

3. the pitiful conditions created by the Industrial Revolution gave rise t (1 point)
a. the Iron Workers’ Revolt by 1886
b. the organization of charitable groups
c. socialism, in which society owns and controls the means of production
d. a cry for rights for animals that worked in cal mines.

4. the spread of the factory system resulted in all of the following EXCEPT (1 point)
a. the movement away from home production
b. poorer quality of iron
c. the need for more power
d. increased exports of British coton goods

5. ______ emphasized feelings and imaginations as sources of knowledge
a. Rationalism
b. Romanticism
c. Convservatism
d. Realpolitik

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2 Responses to “History help 5 questions?”

  1. blackroseofsand says:


    took the this. post as best answer please :)

  2. Nik says:

    1 = d, steam engine,

    2= a, working class

    3= a revolt

    4= a less home production

    5=a Rationalism

    Good luck, and remember……DON’T CHEAT. lol

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